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How to Create Your Own Time Revolution 3
The Obvious Obstacle 5
The Hidden Obstacle 5
Your First Steps 7
My 80-20 Experience 8
The Good and Bad Power of Time Patterns 10
How to Discover Your Own Patterns 11
Understand What Your Current Pattern Gives You 13
Find Better Ways to Get a Similar Pay-off 14
Use What Already Works 14
Watch What You Say! 15
A Word About Other People’s Patterns 16
Handling Multiple Projects 17
The Alter Ego Strategy 19
You Do Have a Choice 19
A Gallery of Alter Egos 21
Alter Ego Exercise 22
Using Time Capsules 24
What comes first? 25
The Psychology of Procrastination 26
The Tiny Chunks Approach to Procrastination 30
How to Avoid Over-Committing 31
Paperwork Practices 32
Why We Hate File Cabinets 32
A Weird Filing System You Might Like 33
Your Orientation: Convergent or Divergent? 35
Tools for Each Style 36
10 Top Time Management Techniques 37
Ideas for Phone & Fax Freedom 38
Ideas for Meetings Freedom 39
Ideas for Absolute Punctuality 40
Ideas for Making & Using Lists 41
Ideas for Linking to Goals & Measuring progress 42
Ideas for Using Reminders 43
Ideas for Time Blocking 44
Ideas for Minimizing Unplanned Activity 45
Ideas for How to profit from Odd-lot Time 46
Ideas for How to Live Off-Peak 47
Recommended Reading 48
Now It’s Up to You… 49



You have an idea for a book, an article or a short story, but you never seem to find the time to be able to write it. You look at other written works and realize that you could do as well—or better—but somehow you never quite get it together. If this IS you…


If you’re going to realize your writing dream, something has to change. Maybe you’ve tried other time management books and been frustrated by them. Me, too. Often they ask you to start by keeping a log every fifteen minutes of how you spend your time, and to fill out endless quizzes about what ‘type’we are. If we had time to do that, we wouldn’t need the book! And then they pad out their pages with probably fictional case studies of what “Jack” or “Mary” did to change how they use their time. I don’t care what Jack or Mary did! Cut to the chase! I couldn’t find a time management book that was created for the likes of you and me…so I’ve spent the last few years researching creativity and time management and wrote that book.


This book is concise. No fake case studies, no long essays about the nature of time, no filler anecdotes. Just practical, easy to implement techniques for making enough time to do the writing you want to do. Take a look at the table of contents above and you’ll see how much it covers. And before you decide whether to get this book in an instant download, please consider one thing:


I know that sounds pretty extreme, but I am confident that if you put into practice even a couple of these techniques on a regular basis you will find you suddenly have at least an extra four hours a week to write (actually, I think it’ll be more, but let’s be conservative). That’s sixteen hours a month—two whole days. Twenty four days a year—one month of working days. What could you write in that time? A big chunk of your novel? Maybe the whole thing? A string of articles or short stories? That part is up to you. But I know these techniques work because I use them and have helped other people use them, so I’m willing to make a guarantee:


If you use two or more of these techniques regularly and find it doesn’t create time for your writing, write to me at jurgenwolff@gmail.com and ask for your money back. I’ll refund it immediately, no questions asked. But promise me that if you find it does work, as I’m sure it will, that you’ll also write to me and share news of your writing success with me. I love hearing about how people finally made the time to share their words with the world!


Lots of e-books cost £49, £79, £99 and above (or the equivalent in US dollars or euros). I want to keep this one within the financial reach of everybody who genuinely wants to follow their writing dream. To be honest, I also want to get some good word of mouth going, so I'm pricing it at an introductory rate of only £12 Pounds Sterling (currency exchange rates may fluctuate a bit, but that's approximately $21 or €17.50). After the introductory period, the price will go up, so please order yours now.

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